Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Warm Weather Fun

The weather outside has been lovely and we're just soaking it all up.  The fireweed has finished blooming, so winter will be here before we know it.  I would be looking forward to fall, but around here, it only lasts about 3 weeks, so I'm trying to savor the summer.

The kids are having a blast with our new wheelbarrow. 

I got it at Sam's Club on clearance for $35...not too bad considering that not only is it impossible to tip over, it even has CUP HOLDERS!  
I feel a little ridiculous using such an elaborate thing to work around our place, but as a toy, it is awesome.

This isn't warm weather related, but I just had to show my little ones playing together today.  

Note, the belts are latched so they can't get tighter and I was right there the whole time...they were not in danger. 

They had a blast letting Lydia "walk the doggies"


  1. I love your pics, so much joy and so much love in your family :)

  2. Liked looking at these! We bought those same 4th-of-July balls, and I'm jealous of the $35 AWESOME wheelbarrow :)

  3. Cup holders in a wheelbarrow? Now I've seen it all! LOL Love these pictures, so much joy and happiness! Have a wonderful week!



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