Friday, August 31, 2012

Fall is bearing down...

Oh, yes it is.  And it's very early :(  Based on the fireweed and turning leaves, we should have snow within 3-4 weeks.  As I showed you last year, {click here}, Autumn in Fairbanks goes by faster than can be believed, so I don't want to be caught unaware.  

There are ideas and projects galore to blog about, but with the changing of the leaves, I have had to focus instead on getting us all ready for winter.  I have been cleaning our pellet stove, painting decks and doors and pressure washing the house.  More on those later...

Today, in contrast to the rainy cold days we've been having, it was a balmy 73 degrees, so I dragged the kids outside for a photo shoot.

Our family has been wanting to see some more photos of the kids (my blog has been really helpful in keeping them in touch with what's going on in our lives) so please bear with me as I show off my babies.

Here is the setting.  A chair on the side of the yard next to the well

Complete with a large pile of moose droppings (just for atmosphere...careful where you step Mama!)

It was pretty shady where I put them, but they all still complained about it being too bright 

I'll start oldest to youngest

 Adin ~ 11 1/2 years old
 Those eyes...sigh

Elsa ~ 9 years old

Isaac ~ 6 1/2 years old (he'll be 7 in October)
 Love those dirty little boy feet

Ephraim ~ 4 1/2 years old

I may just retake these since little man has a split lip from making contact with a step edge on the stairs

Lydia ~ 15 months


My 3 sons :)

My girlies

All my babies together

I'm going to try and make some time over the next couple of days to show off some projects and a couple more book reviews.  

I hope your week is going fantastic!


  1. Miranda- you are fabulous at photography! I LOVE these! Every single child looks great in their photos! I now like following your blog, like you lived across the country or something, but no you live right here! It really has inspired me to have fun with projects and to appreciate the small, touches that make a house a home. It's how I was raised and there's not a lot of that kind of living in Fairbanks. Thank you for your inspiration!

  2. Hi Miranda, What lovely shots of all the kids, such a handsome healthy family you are truly blessed. Talked to my grandson in FB yesterday and we are planning a trip up there around Sept 10th driving from Homer also will have the 2 dogs with us as I have no one I trust to keep them. I have to find a motel that takes dogs! I will make a point of stopping by and meeting you all. We're not staying long in FB. Nan

  3. Those are awesome pics of your kids! I would totally keep those with the split lip :) Shows just who he was at that age! I'm happy to be sharing Alaska and all her fall beauty with you! -Dawn


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