Sunday, June 3, 2012

Change of plans

So much for painting wall stripes and mowing the lawn, this weekend turned out just a bit different.

After complaining of intermittent stomach ouchies for 4 days, Ephraim was in severe pain. We had made 1 trip to the urgent care on Wednesday, but after a urinalysis and x-ray, they couldn't find anything.  They told me to come back if the symptoms got worse or anything else showed up.

Ephraim had no other symptoms besides the pain in his fever or any sort of illness, but it wasn't going away and was increasing in frequency and intensity.  So Friday night, Dave dropped Ephraim and I off at the ER/Urgent Care and then went back home.

The ER docs looked at him again and didn't find anything, so they offered the option of going home or getting more invasive.  I chose to get more invasive.

They put in an IV and did a blood workup, along with fluids.  Then he had to drink a "contrast" concoction for a CAT Scan.  He didn't care for that, but we made it fun and funny and he was able to get down 3/4 of it.

Then he threw up.  Ha!  

After donning a cute pediatric hospital gown, we got the CAT Scan.

At first the Dr. didn't see anything, but the radiologist thought he saw an IntussusceptionWe got 2 more opinions from a surgeon and another radiologist and they all concurred that he had (at the least) an Intussesception and possibly a perforated bowel and infected appendix.

Dave came back to the ER with the kids.  It was after midnight, but I desperately needed to nurse Lydia since it had been 7 hours (ouch!). 

They quickly prepped Ephraim for surgery.  The little sweetheart fell asleep before they headed to the OR and didn't wake up until it was all finished.

The surgeon decided to start with a laparoscopy, but left the option open to do a full surgery depending on the damage.  

In the meantime, the hospital staff made up beds for our family so we could rest until he was done.  That was a huge blessing so they all didn't need to just wait sleeping in the car.

In seemingly no time at all, they came back and told us that it was a small amount of "telescoping" that they were able to quickly fix laparoscopically!  He came through with flying colors, praise the Lord. 

This precious little guy was a trooper the whole time.   

He never threw a fit, never really even cried, and has been a tough, tough 4 year old.  I'm so proud of him.

Dave is staying overnight with Ephraim and we hope to bring him home by Sunday night.


I don't believe there are coincidences.  I believe God blesses and speaks to us with those little things we think are just coincidences.  

I've been reading One Thousands Gifts  for the second time.  I read about 1/2 of it last year, but never got around to finishing it (a crime really, but I'm being honest).  Last week I picked it up again and have been focused on working my way through it.  Ironically, on Thursday I read the chapter on accepting God's gifts even when they seem "bad" to us.  Are we willing to submit and give Thanks to him? Offer "Eucharisteo" even when it is a bitter situation?

This was mine.  A bitter cup.  I could have questioned why God was allowing this to happen.  I could have went to all the "what ifs" and freaked out.  But here, at least this time...I rested in God's provision, his strength and his ultimate plan.  There is nothing beyond his reach.  He knows all, plans all and works it all to our good, in the end.

It's an amazing feeling of peace.  I don't know if I'll freak out and cry later at what MIGHT have happened, but for now, I'm thankful to rest in God's promises and his will.  This time, he chose to bring my son through a scary situation nearly unscathed and whole.  And he showed me the contentment he gives when I rest in his power.



  1. So sorry to hear about the dramatic change of plans but thankful with you that your little man is doing just fine! I am currently reading that same book (VEEEEEERY slowly!) and loving it. So glad you were able to rest in the peace the Lord gives rather than worry! Here's hoping next week is less eventful! :)

  2. Thank God they got to it in time. He looks so tiny in that big hospital bed. I will keep him (and you) in my prayers for a swift recovery. God bless you and your family!

  3. Glad to hear the found the problem, when it's intestinal and little kids it's always an ify area. I remember going through this with my grandson and he ended up having a GI test and it was fine so his was some kind of flu we thought. Glad to hear he'll get to go home today.

  4. I'm glad to hear the little guy is doing so well!

  5. God is good all the time, and all the time God is good! Praise God your boy is ok!

  6. I was just hopping over to see what you've been up to...obviously unexpected things! Thanking God that you're little guys is doing better.


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