Sunday, June 17, 2012

A beautiful Fathers Day

We had a beautiful day together.  My husband is an amazing Dad and I loved paying tribute to him today.

He hates having his photo taken, but I managed to get a couple of them.

Opening his gifts

Spending time outdoors joking around 

 This scene was not staged...this is a daily occurance. These children adore their fun loving Daddy, and he adores them
He loves his two girls
Since this day wouldn't be possible without the kids, here are extra pics of our babies

Isaac on his new bike
 Adin wanted to give a serious expression just for my blog

Crazy-eyes Ephraim

Silly smile Lydia
Elsa and I finished off the day by planting some plants purchased with Mothers Day money from my in-laws

I taught Elsa how to put the plants in all by herself, and she did great.  Her little sister enjoyed watching. 
 These gardening pics were taken around 9pm, and the lighting isn't edited.  It does not get dark EVER right now.  Summer in Alaska is crazy!

I hope your Fathers Day turned out as lovely as ours did.  I'm SO thankful for the Dad my husband is and that God blessed me and our children with him.



  1. Beautiful family, I love all the photos.

    Nothing like seeing a man loving his children, I'm blessed to have a husband like yours :)


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