Sunday, February 5, 2012

Superbowl Weekend

We've had a nice weekend just hanging out and relaxing.  We didn't go anywhere on Saturday, but I did some cleaning (of course), vacuumed out the pellet stove (ewww) and some tackled some small decorating projects...

Like painting a pair of shutters for a wall project in Valspar's "Shaded Lake"  
(oh how I love those little sample sizes so there's no big commitment)

Shopping online for wall stencils to do a room updating project (can you guess whose room?)

I made 2 different pom pom balls for Elsa's room...1 with fabric and the other with tissue paper.  

I'm going to live with them for a little bit and see which one I like.  The fabric ones take FOREVER to make, but the tissue paper ones are a little flimsy, and I need to get some more colors.  Either way, it's a fun project to play with.

I found a couple of lamps on clearance and my boys chose this one because "it is pretty and it looks like crystal", so though I really wanted a lamp I can paint in a bright color, I went with this one

I recovered another of my lampshades to top it.  I love how it looks ♥♥♥ 
It was either this fabric or another drop cloth fabric piece with the vintage-style outline of a cow...
Dave actually made the final decision (love that man)

I did a few pleats on it and added the lace at just the top

Sunday we went to church and then picked up pizza and ice cream for our mini Super Bowl Party.

What a fantastic game it was!

I spent the whole game right here with a sleeping baby girl (excuse my sleepy look and huge bowl of cookies and ice was our splurge day!)

I hope your weekend was just as wonderful.


  1. Such lovely things! :-) Thanks for sharing :-)


  2. Love your creations! I am now following you on this blog also. Thanks for stopping by Hibiscus House
    dolly is cooking or dolly's designs. Have a great day.


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