Thursday, January 26, 2012

First day with "Paths of Settlement"

I haven't been able to blog much at all this week.  My sleep schedule has been patchy, so I'm tired.  Lydia is breaking in her eye-teeth, which are tough, and so my time with her is consuming.  I'm also trying to stay current on my bible reading and bible study...priorities, right?

We finally got our new curriculum and were able to start on it today.  I'm very impressed with the layout and instructions.  Though it encompassed most of my day, we all had fun together.  I like how I can include Isaac and Ephraim into our school time when I read aloud, so they're taking much of our subject in.  I loved that Adin and Elsa are learning about the same thing, and I just need to adjust how much writing and reading is appropriate for each one's skill level.

(Our cleaned out and organized learning cabinet)

The top shelf is Adin and Elsa's work.  The second shelf is Isaac and Ephraim's stuff.  The 2 bottom shelves are their craft and coloring stuff.

This style of learning is helpful for me since I'm able to witness their abilities in a very intimate way. They both really impressed me with their read aloud competence, and I appreciated how patient they were with me as I learned how to be the actual teacher vs being a facilitator.
While the older kids were working on their independent reading and math, I was able to take time to work with Isaac and Ephraim.  They love the special focus on just them.

We started the day at about noon, which I know seems "tardy", but with my being up so late with Lydia most nights (like 3-4am), I'm not very functional until that time. The kids don't mind, and well, that's just how things roll around here.

Lydia nursed while I read aloud to the kids; played on the floor and with Isaac during during their writing and geography time, and then for the last 2 hours, she hung out on my hip or in the wrap, where she also slept

Though today her nap only lasted about 15 minutes.

 Overall, I would say this is going to be a great fit for our family.  I'm loving how in tune with the kids I felt today.  Though I don't have as much free time, I feel that they're getting a more comprehensive experience in learning.

To see my post on where to get the curriculum we're doing right now, click HERE

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  1. I forgot you homeschooled - you really are superwoman! How on earth were you fitting in two blogs? NO wonder you found it stressful, missus!!

    I am really impressed with all you do.


  2. I remember those sleepless nights all too well! You are amazing homeschooling and juggling mom duties! I hope you get some rest and relaxation soon.
    Have a lovely weekend!


  3. Hello! I also have a learning cabinet very similar to yours. ;) It was a tv armoire I bought off craigslist and I converted into our new learning cabinet. It needs more organization though so I'm off to Ikea next weekend! Hope you have a wonderful week! :) My kids love penpals if yours would love to exchange postcards. :)


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