Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I think I have issues...

Deep cleaning the kitchen these last couple of days finally led me to the spice cabinet.  Seriously, who needs this many spices???

Especially when 9 times out of 10, I use salt and pepper, maybe also garlic seasoning.  Yep, I have issues and apparently one of them is an addiction to buying spices.

Here are a few pictures from today and yesterday.
Enjoying treats courtesy of Grandma (mailed by priority mail).  They are LOVING it all.  Thanks Grandma!

I bit the bullet and did a gingerbread house with them while Lydia took a nap on my back.  They usually do it with their Grandma, but it's just us this year. They tried not to be critical of my icing skills, but had to note that while I did pretty well for my first time, Grandma is "REALLY good at it".  Thanks kids.

I obviously should have snapped this scene a couple of times, but oh well.  2 of them look good at least.

And last but not least: Miss Lydia. She is sitting up so well and occasionally gets into crawling position.  She's still a crabby thing with her teething (she has 5 now with 3 more working their way in), but she's enjoying hanging out on the kitchen floor while I clean.

She gets pretty intense when she plays with any sort of box or paper.

I just LOVE her chubby feet 
(Adin calls them "big poofy feet")

and squishy toes
 And her precious smile

Have a wonderful Tuesday. Don't forget to enter the giveaway!

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