Sunday, July 17, 2011

Anchorage Zoo

We went to Anchorage for a couple of days this week.  We had awesome weather and with no mosquitoes in constant attack mode, it was very enjoyable to be outside.  

The Anchorage Zoo reminded us of Northwest Trek in Washington.  Most of the animals are native to the area and were injured rescues rather than animals that are bred into captivity.
Check out those paws!
 They appear so cute and cuddly don't they? 
I've never seen a wolverine in person.  That is sure not something I'd like to run into in the wild
 And the ever majestic Bald Eagle
The day was a bit rainy and cool...perfectly reminding us of home ♥
This turkey followed us around 2 whole sides of his pen - With Ephraim laughing the whole time
Lydia hung out here for hours
The kids loved the Dahl Sheep
Baby Caribou
It wouldn't be a trip to the zoo without a little global warming indoctrination 
(though this was a cute way to do it)
Wouldn't want to meet these guys in the wild either
 Those are SOME claws!

More posts to come on the rest of our trip.  We're currently watching the women's World Cup, so I'll be back tomorrow :)

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