Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Anchorage Parks

This last week in Anchorage, we stayed on base in TLF.  The rooms are nice and big, though the space is older in style and quality.  It was so nice to have somewhere where the kids can run and have a good time without being stuffed in a hotel room.
Lydia loved the ceiling fans on the low ceilings.  She actually spent quite a bit of time just relaxing on the bed...if only she would do that at home!
The base is backed by tall surrounding mountains. Gorgeous-ness everywhere you look ♥
We discovered that the lovely weather and lack of mosquitoes make for great time spent outside.  We found some beautiful parks with great walking trails.  I haven't spent this much time outside all summer here in Fairbanks, but this last week, we were outside enough that I even got tan lines on my feet from my flip flops, wooo!
Anchorage has stunning, well maintained parks.  We found the first park when we were trying to find the ocean.  We only got ocean views, but found awesome soccer fields with great hills the kids loved to run up and down
The other park was near the downtown area and it was bordered by the bay and surrounded a lake.  There were TONS of people out there, skating, riding bikes, running, walking, having picnics, etc...  What a great place!
We couldn't get right to the beach here either.  They have it all fenced off since it appears to be swampy.  I still enjoyed the ocean air and views.
Isaac likes to lead our group on the walks...Mr Adventurous!

To finish out today, I'll end with this sweet couple.  He had his newspaper; she had a bag of stale bread for the ducks.  They sat in this spot for over an hour.  They were so cute!

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