Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Jumping on the bandwagon!

I was tempted when I first saw Miss Mustard Seeds post about Annie Sloane's Chalk Paint, but I resisted...not sure where I'd use such a fancy paint.  Well, 3 projects are on my slate for rejuvenation and so I placed an order with Patty at Classic Wall Finishes.

I ordered Duck Egg Blue and Old White. 

I thought about a gray, but I decided since I could only get 2 colors, I would go with 1 neutral and 1 more vibrant.

A combination of the blue and white will be used on this beauty-

This is it's location in my last house where it fit in perfectly

It's been relegated to the guest room in our current home since the black no longer matches my decor
The new color will free it to shine in the main part of the house!  I can't wait.

I'll use the white on my huge round coffee table (the kids have badly damaged the top chairs) that I also plan to stencil with something wonderful on top...any  ideas??

I will also use the Old White on my canvases for the subway art since it's so easily distressed.

My parents are coming next week to see Miss Lydia Jane so I'm hoping to utilize my Dad's baby whispering abilities so I can get a project or two done.  Lydia's a crabby little thing, so I am constantly nursing or holding her.  It will be great getting a few things done around here :)

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  1. Well that will be a fun break for you with your parents there. Will look for further photos of your completed projects too.


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