Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gardening...sort of

My front flower beds are about done.  Pita helped me get started 2 weeks ago and I've been slowly pecking away at it ever since.  It's not exactly the kind of garden I usually do, but I had to do something easy this year.

I should have taken a before photo (pssst, it was UGLY), because the transformation is pretty darn nice!

From right to left, starting at the garage side door

4 potted tomatoes with nasturtium seeds tucked in there waiting to sprout
The red bag is a topsy-turvy strawberry planter that I don't have a good spot for yet
This bed has bush peas in 2 rows and sweet peas waiting to climb the trellises.  I have a few cosmos in here too
The corner plant is one of my favorite perennials, a Peony
I also have cosmos and other annual flowers here
The red chairs were my mothers day gift
Here is the start of a rock garden, since I don't want this teeny area to be grass.  These we've dug up from the edges of the driveway since they were buried anyway.  I still have to figure out how I'm going to get enough rock to finish it
The tiered planter is all herbs
I didn't want to have the beige chairs out here, but the kids all like to eat outside and each want their own chairs.  
This corner here has another of my beloved Peony's

This bed has 4 rows of plants; hollyhocks, echinacea, cabbage and carrots

Things are really greening up around here.  It's looking like summer.  I'd love to be outside more if it weren't for those dumb mosquitoes.

I'm loving this plant...well, it's a weed, but I'm going to make sure I find them all over the property.  So pretty, no maintenance, and they're free!
This is about the only way I get anything done around here.  (Excuse my not-so-fancy duds and uncombed hair...we're in survival mode these days).  Lydia is wrapped very badly in the photo, I was in a hurry to beat the mosquitoes that were starting to come outside en masse.  Note the Off repellant fan hanging on my shirt.  I'm not sure if it works, but it's worth a shot.

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