Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bye to Pita....and Mosquitos?

Lydia is 2 1/2 weeks old today.  We said goodbye to Pita a week ago.  It was nice having her here to help us keep things running smoothly as we tried to settle into having a new little person in the house.

These are the only pictures I took of Pita and Lydia...I wish I'd have been more snap happy that first week, but I guess I was a little tired, haha.
I'm missing the Ice Rage/Coffee run Pita would do every morning.  She went for a daily drive to help her twins get a morning nap while all of my family was still sleeping...

And she hung out with the kids with Lydia in the ring sling so I could get a hair cut

She was a huge blessing for us when I ended up needing to go back to the ER for miserable 4 hours due to a uterine infection.  They wanted to admit me for 24 hours for IV antibiotics, but we fought them on it and were able to get pills so I could go home.  I'm now working to fend off a thrush infection with Allimed and probiotics.  Here's to natural remedies!!  I'll let you know how it goes.

We were able re-weigh Lydia at 8 days old and she'd already gained back her birth weight plus 6 more ounces!  What a little piggie, but I'm not shocked since she spends 1/2 the day (literally) nursing. 

Pita helped me get my flowerbeds all worked over and some of them planted.   Her boys loved all the outside time.

The week she was here, we watched the mosquitos go from just a few large annoying ones to masses of them.  Just a week later, we've got swarms, it seems.  

I tried a natural repellent, and it made them bite even more...I think they liked it :(  We're all eaten up around here, so I'm going back to the drawing board on a natural alternative to the chemical yuckiness.

Here is Ephraim 3 days ago

And Today

Yeah, we are avoiding being outside most of the time right now.  Here's to hoping the dry weather will start killing them off.

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