Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Refresh - part 1

It's feeling like spring around here, despite the snow everywhere.  THIS is what makes me so excited though...GRASS!!

Look at that!  Yes, it's long and brown, but you wouldn't look that great either if you'd been buried and frozen since October.  I watch out the window every day to see the snow recede back just a couple more inches.  By May, I'm hoping to be able to get out and do some yard work.

This sweet thing is one of the 2 bunnies that has been hanging out in our back yard for the last month or so.  Last month, they were totally white.  This is what he looked like last week

And check out the color changes we really noticed today.  Isn't he darling?!
Here is the brightened and refreshed dining room

 The burlap runner.  Where do I start?  I LOVE the look of it.  But, it sheds...a lot.  Also, it doesn't wash up all that well.  Since I don't iron (ever), I'm trying to embrace the disheveled look ♥

 Every time I wash it, I also lose a couple of more threads along each side.  I actually like the way it looks, but 3-4 more washes, and it will be all the way to the muslin :(

The living room, lighted up
 I took the large round coffee table out to the garage just to mix things up.  It functions better in the space, but it is HUGE and it needs a little TLC.  I'll decide what do do with it later.  My favorite chest is working great for now.

Warning, lots of old chest pics are ahead...I can't help it, I just love this thing
I adore all the wear and tear it has on it.  I found it at a fun winter flea market about 8 years ago for $40.  I usually use it for seasonal blankets and sometimes games
 I wonder what it's original purpose was?

For the living room, I also traded out the red blankets and gray pillows for my white ruffly Ikea blankets (BEST ones ever)
Also these great Jacobean style feather pillows from Ikea.  I really need to get a few more of these.  They're backed with a darling gray and white plaid and button closures on the reverse side.

I have big plans for the left hand corner over the stove.  2x3 canvases of home made subway art with our own special theme, one for each wall.  I'll move the kids' picture to another wall to clean up the space and let the art shine on it's own

I switched out the small trees in the entry for this empty frame.  Then I just rearranged the rest of the accessories

I'd been planning to paint this one white, but I think I'll leave it for a while

There is the little tour I have for you today.  I just have the kids' refreshed rooms left, but I'll save those for another day so I don't overload this post.  I hope you're all having a great week!  I'm working on getting over the flu and trying not to be such a wimp for my poor family through the rest of this pregnancy.  Just 4-6 more weeks left until our baby girl is here!


  1. Isn't that amazing how the bunnies coats have changed to adapt to their surroundings? I imagine so they are less noticeable to predators. I've never been to Alaska but my husband has. He brought back the most beautiful photos.

    I like the changes you've made in your living/dining room. Love the clock, chairs and pillows. We use an old wooden trunk as a coffee table. They are great for storage. I thought the runner was supposed to look frayed. It's very cute like that. I'll have to look back at your previous post because I'm curious about your valance in the LR.
    Hope you see nothing but green grass, soon!
    :D ~Michelle

  2. What a great spring refresh, Miranda! I love your runner, too bad it sheds! Hope you are feeling better soon, it is never fun being sick. When is your baby due? I am a May baby myself:)

  3. Beautiful rooms! You might try sewing a straight stitch around your burlap runner...maybe two or three rows together just above the loose threads. That may help to stop the runner from coming undone so easily. I'm not into the burlap look myself.


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