Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring is almost here, I do believe!

The weather has been really bright and pretty lately.   
Every day I look out the windows to watch the snow recede just inches at a time.  But it is receding.  And I can't wait until it's all gone.  As nice as the pretty white is, 7 months is a LONG time to see only snow on the ground. 

One of the things the kids are loving is seeing the wildlife start to show up.  We have a couple of squirrels, and even some birds (that aren't big black ravens) flitting around the trees.  These guys are what we love the most.  2 fluffy and chubby white bunnies.  We spotted them last month for the first time, and they were pure white.  A few days ago, this little guy started hanging around even more often, eating the kitchen scraps we dump behind the fence.
 This was just today.  He was digging and eating the grass that was peeking through the snow.  Isn't the change in his coat amazing?

The poor snowman is looking pretty sad these days
 Since the back yard faces the South side, the snow is melting really slow here.  It drips off the roof and then just turns to ice and mud

The kids are playing outside nearly every day now since the temps hang out somewhere between 25-40 degrees.  All they need is some snowboots, gloves and a snow shovel and they are happy campers
 Love this of the little guys.  These 2 have become best buds.  Isaac has really stepped up as a big brother and has come out of his shell.  I love it.

 Elsa's my worker.  She's been slowly chipping away at the snow and ice on the deck.  Most of the melt-off on the wood you see here is from her diligence

Adin uses the shovel to knock down the icicles and snow from the roof.  So basically he messes up all Elsa's work, haha

Here's the rest of the back yard.  Still pretty much covered and deep with snow

The front yard is a different story.  This side faces North, so there's a lot more space that's clear of snow
 Those bare spaces in the middle are full of ice and water

 This is my hope.  I can't wait to plant some plants...but not until the end of May or June since that's when the risk of frost is passed
 Dry grass!!  Brown and ugly, but it will perk up. ♥
 The kids love to play out here too.  I like it because there's a lot less risk of them falling hard on the ice

Yes, we're looking forward to spring.  It's almost here.  I'm used to embracing spring.  By now, my garden seeds would be planted and all the beds would be prepped.   This life is so different!

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  1. I don't know if this will make you feel any better but where I live at 800 feet, my average last frost date is mid-May and my "safe last frost date" is end of May. Only problem is last summer, we actually got below freezing in June and that killed all our spring-time crop. It was a fluke once in a century thing but still really REALLY discouraging.

    This spring I brought lots of early blooming bulbs into our home. Noticed that the daffodils and other early bloomers make a huge difference in the gray landscape.

    Love the photos! The kids look great. Growing!


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