Friday, April 8, 2011

Recap - Day 1

Welcome to all of Blooming in Alaska's new followers!  I'm amazed at the sweet responses and feedback I've gotten from my bedroom and lampshade posts.  Considering that my room was the last space to get touched in this house, I'm pleased it turned out so well.  

Living in a space for a while is so helpful when it comes to finishing it just right.  I had a lot of preconceived notions of how I was going to decorate this house before we moved here, and though most of the plans turned out as expected, I've had some bumps in the road. 

Right now, I'm working out the details for some large subway art inspired pieces for my living room.  Until I get those done, I thought I'd recap some of the rooms in the house that are already finished.  Each space has a thing or two I'd like to tweak, but I'm being patient and just keeping each idea filed away until I feel it's the right time to start them (or I get so impatient I can't wait).  

The boys Bedroom/Bonus Room - Original HERE

My daughters Bedroom - original reveal click HERE
(wow, I totally need to take new photos of this now that we have actual sunlight coming in the windows.  The color is showing way too obnoxious)
And finally, the Guest Room - original reveal click Here

I hope you enjoy looking around at some of my reveals.  I'll do these recaps for another post or two, and then I'll show you what I've done to refresh the spaces for summer!


  1. I really love the quilt on your daughter's bed, Miranda! Did you make it? And the curtains are perfect, too! You did a great job on all of the bedrooms, I look forward to decorating our new place in WA. Even though it will be just aa rental, I still want it to feel like home:)

  2. Miranda,

    Your bedroom makeover was simply stunning. Really and truly. And I love this have such a pretty house. I can't believe how fast you've worked through it!



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