Saturday, April 9, 2011

Recap - Day 2

I hope you're all having a great weekend!  We're enjoying the gorgeous weather here.  The snow is SLOWLY melting, making everything mushy and wet and gross.  But that's okay, because I know it's bringing on spring.  We have some darling little white bunnies that hang out in the backyard and woods beyond, so we've been feeding them scraps just we can get a peak at them as they munch.  Spring will be here soon I do believe, yay!!

In the meantime, here are the rooms I haven't shown you in the recap so far.  We have a relatively compact house (2,000 sq ft including the bonus rm) so the rooms are kind of grouped together, but you can get the gist of how it looks.

Guest/main Bath (original post - click HERE)

Laundry Room (original reveal - click HERE)

Here is the Living Room.  I've moved it around about 5 times since then since I get bored easily, but here it was at my reveal ♥ (original post - click HERE)

And finally the Living Room combined with the Dining Room (original reveal - click HERE)

Thanks for spending some time with me, I appreciate it much.  Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Wow! Sensational, too! Appreciate you sharing!

  2. Your home looks beautiful!!

  3. You have a beautiful home, very stylish and such lovely color on the walls. I love seeing what you have done, I will be following you. Your accessories really finish each room off nicely. You have a natural touch.
    Hugs, Cindy

  4. hey are those bird pictures in the bathroom from a PX? I almost bought the same ones...very cute :)

  5. Yes, those are from a PX/BX. I love them :)


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