Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mush for Kids

We went to this fun and free event last weekend called "Mush for Kids" at Pioneer Park.  I haven't gotten a chance to post the pics until now. 
The event has lots of husky's available to pet and even some dog sled teams available for mushing with the kids.  By the time we got there, the line was super long and none of us felt like waiting that long, so we just observed the fun.
Pioneer Park has some great features like a a fun play park, an airplane museum and a train museum.  The kids are looking forward to seeing inside the museums this summer since they're closed for winter.
 Can I live in this?  Wow, the design is just awesome.

None of the usual shops were open, but we got to stroll around an awesome vintage town they have set up.  I can't wait to hang out there this summer when things are really hoppin'!
 Ice sculptures still standing despite the warmer temperatures

 This used to be a Bath House and Hotel
 LOVED this sign

Look how tiny this cabin is.  Entire families would live here!  I cannot imagine.

Click on this photo to see the details on the sign!

 These cabins were moved from various locations in Fairbanks and North Pole to Pioneer Park to create the town and preserve history
 This sign was just too fun.  I loved it.  Something like this would be great to put in a garden with your own special locations and mileage marked

I had Elsa take a photo of Dave and I.  I need to remember to have her stand on something so the angle is better, haha.  Oh well, at least I can say I look puffy because I'm pregnant.

I'm excited to visit this park in the summer.  Especially when they have their annual Salmon and Cod all-you-can-eat festival!  Wooo!!

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