Thursday, April 7, 2011

My baby is 3 already!

Happy, happy birthday to my sweet boy Ephraim.  It sure doesn't seem like it's been 3 years since he was born.  I can remember vividly his birth and the weeks afterward...learning his personality and quirks, getting to know him so well.  

He was such a trooper while we got ready to move into our new house just 4 weeks after he was born.  I remember him laying on the floor in our new unfinished master bedroom, happily staring at the ceiling fan for an hour or more while I frantically ran around doing projects in the new house.  He spent hours on my back in a carrier while I helped put the flooring in the living room and moved furniture across the driveway. 

He has been such a joy to our family.  The kids are still enamored with him, getting excited when he wakes up in the morning so they can play with him, and coddling him until he's spoiled rotten.  

He was so pleased to wake up and hear it was his birthday today.  He's a big 3 year old now!  He talked on the phone with Nana and Papa, and skyped with Grandma and Papa
 Playing with his new camera from Papa and Grandma (this is his "cheese" face he does now, ugh)
 Eating one of our "treat" meals.  Bread, cheese, meat and spinach dip, yummm.
 He just likes the bread
 Opening presents
 His new baby doll.  He's calling it "baby girl", ha!
 His red velvet "James" cake.  James is his favorite tank engine from Thomas and Friends.  We just need to call anything a certain tank color to help him like it.

We had a good day with him.  I feel so blessed we have him in our lives.  He's a beautiful and joyful soul.  I love you baby boy!

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