Thursday, March 10, 2011

MIA lately

I have a couple of blog posts I'm planning to do, but being that they're theme related, I still have some work to do as far as photos and research, so it'll be a little bit.

Things are going well around here.  Dave's health is really good.  We're just waiting for the medical clearance to go through so he can get back to flying.  Please pray for us for some sort of full time job for him so we have financial stability.  So far, we're doing well, but a salary would be a real blessing with the economical instability around here these days.

Gas and grocery prices are skyrocketing; the Alaska gas price average is $3.95gal and we have to pay that price for the monthly oil to heat our house.  I'm working on couponing and eating more healthy whole foods, but I don't know if much gardening will be in my future for this summer with the baby coming, so I'm not sure how much I can reduce our grocery bill.

School is going well for the kids.  I ordered schoolbooks in February that skipped 1/2 of their current grade so they can be caught up by summer.  It was a hard first week for them as they jumped from the end of 1st and 3rd grade smack into the middle of 2nd and 4th grade...there were lots of tears as they faced much more challenging work.  But we're at the end of our 3rd week of it now and I find that they look forward to every subject except math.  It's a real blessing to see them loving school and not just because it's easy.  :)

My pregnancy is going well.  I'm tired and a little unmotivated these days, so I'm looking forward to the nesting period (c'mon hormones!) as I know I'll be able to get lots done then. 

Hang in there, I'll be back!

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