Thursday, February 24, 2011

Haircut Night

Every couple of weeks I start noticing bushy looking heads and hairy necks.  And I sigh because I know that it's time for the haircut assembly line.

With 4 guys around here, it really is an assembly line.  First Ephraim, then Isaac, then Dave and finally Adin (because he runs out any available hot water, so he goes last...shower hog).

This is what they all looked like in the before:
 I know it may not look bad to you as it's hard to capture the poofiness, but it's there
 Adin's got the hair running over his ears
 And hairy necks?  Ewwww
 Little man is ready for his turn
 All done and looking good!
And an extra one of our girl who didn't get a cut, but can't be left out.  Those front teeth are coming in well, but the ones on either side are loose now :)

And I'll sigh again because they're all growing up so fast.  Someday I'll miss the assembly light haircuts...maybe.

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