Friday, February 25, 2011

Kids are teachers too

One of the benefits of how little outside interaction we have right now is that my kids are forced to find their entertainment in one another.  They were very good friends before we moved, but I would say that they're best friends now.  I see a level of continuity, attachment, and devotion that I haven't seen until the last month.  Adin used to be a little more detached from what the other 3 were doing, but now he joins in with their play a lot more often.

Adin's obsession with facts of any kind (right now it's the Titanic) consistently rubs off on the other kids.  Funny little convo I heard this morning while I was cleaning up my room:

Ephraim: Look at my new monkey shirt!

Isaac: Adin, did you see Ephraim's monkey shirt?

Adin: Hmmm, I think that's a.....gibbon.  Yes, that's a gibbon, Elsa.  So it's not a monkey, it's an Ape.

Elsa: Ephraim, you have a new Ape shirt!

Ephraim: Yeah, I have Ape shirt!

And so it goes all the time around here.  I love their love for each other and how in tune they all are.

These pics I captured last week.  Elsa is helping Isaac with his "schoolwork". Adin is freestyle reading Thomas the Tank Engine stories to Ephraim.  This happens a lot in our house, but it was fun to catch them in action
 I wish this one would have come out clearer

I love seeing them like this.  Just one of those "moments" for me.  Beautiful.

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