Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Yep, it's cold.

It's -22 here today.  We have baseboard oil heat that runs along all the exterior walls, and then a fabulous pellet stove in the living room that I keep running 24 hours a day.  It has a thermostat, so it regulates itself, which is cool.  I think I would prefer a wood stove for security value if we lose power (the pellet stove uses electricity), but I love how clean and convenient the pellet stove is.

I just thought you might like to see what happens to the INSIDE of my triple paned windows when it gets -5 or below...

The colder is gets, the higher the ice climbs
 This is the french door
 And some pics from my back porch.  I had to take these fast before I froze to death.
The beauty is incredible, though unforgiving


  1. Now that ice is inside the gas sealed window? If we had moisture inside there then the seal is broken so I'm not getting how this happens. Nan

  2. Nan, that is INSIDE my house. I can scrape it off. See how it's inside on the wall in the Master Bedroom pic? Apparently that's normal around here. We have really good windows. The warmer it is, the less we have, but the colder it gets, the ice just crawls further inside. When it gets -30 or more, it comes in under the doors. It is so weird.

  3. Oh I see yes. Now do you have an HRV in your house that moves fresh air in and out, this keeps the windows dry and you don't get any build up then. At least it works here in Homer they put the system in all the 5 Star energy homes. It might be too cold there to use them as you do get a 20% heat loss with the air exchange. Nan

  4. Ooooh, Miranda. I feel the coldness from here. Beautiful but unforgiving....what a lovely phrase. It does feel like that, doesn't it. A bit like the ocean - so beautiful but unyielding.

    I hope you're okay over there. I bet it feels so festive wth all that snow. At least, it would to me becaude I've never had, but always longed for, a White Christmas!



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