Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas is here

I have the house pretty much decorated with what we brought with us.  I think it will take another year or two before I get the house looking the way I want it to at Christmas, but overall I'm pretty happy.

Tucked into my christmas boxes was this beautiful nativity from Willow Tree. It was a sweet hug from my sister (she did this back in March).  So sweet and I am so thankful. 
If I could decorate the whole house like this I would.  I love the tonal and natural touch.


  1. Beautiful look to your tree Miranda, I like what you did. I have collected so many odd nativity pieces, I kind of have a passion for them. I should do a photo of what that all looks like.

  2. What a lovely thing for your sister to do. This soooo makes me wish I had my own sister.

    How are you getting on over ther now the winter has set in? How do you keep warm? I guess the houses must all be very well insulated.

    I {LOVE} the train track round the tree.


  3. Your tree is beautiful, and what a thoughtful gift from your sister, I love Willow Tree!

    Kat :)


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