Thursday, December 2, 2010

FINALLY! Living Room Reveal

Ah, I hope you enjoy these. I spent a lot of time in this room making it feel almost perfect for me. My oh so drooled over sofa has some real logistical issues, the least of which is it's size. But it's great for a big family, and it's irritating features (which Ashley furniture should have not overlooked, but they did) are overall okay since it fits us all well.

This is the before.  I know it's not really fair to start a before with the clean slate, but I will anyway.  It was dog hair filled house (oh, and birdseed and cat food) complete with enough damage that every wall and piece of trim had to be repainted.  Also, check out that lighting!  Wooo!

And now, a mere 3 months later!

 The cute cabinet I got that works perfect for extra storage and fits great in the space

The pellet stove is wonderful.  It lacks a decent tile job, but I hope to remedy that next summer.  For the time being though, I am more than thankful for the warmth it provides us.

 My favorite pillow (that always gets thrown on the floor because my husband wants to sit there and he says it doesn't leave enough room for him.  Men!)

 Dining area (winterized with gray accents)
 One of my favorite sayings

This is what the lighting usually looks like during the prime of the day.  We take the curtains down just to get a little more sunlight.  We've got sunrise at 10:15am or so with sunset at 3:00pm and it's only growing shorter each day. 

I should have shut off the lights for the pics, but the outside light is so dim that I need the interior lighting for decent pics (at least until I become a great photographer). Oh well.

 Just a peek of my (yet unfinished) Master Bedroom
 And a short view into the kitchen

One more quick look from the direction of the Master Bedroom

Thanks for looking! 

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  1. Looks sister used to live in Fairbanks! She loved it. thanks for sharing, Terry

  2. Well I think it all worked out well and especially if it works for you and you like it that's most important. Your pellet stove must be vented out the wall there as I don't see a pipe going up, our wood stove is in a corner just like this but the pipe goes up through the ceiling and the contractor put large sized titles on the walls and floor. I think you'll probably be doing this later. Take Care Nan

  3. Looks great!!! I love the clock in the corner! So cute.
    Bonnie :)

  4. What a wonderful job you have done in these rooms. I love the window and french door treatments, of course. Everything on the walls looks great -- especially over the dining room table-- I love the shutters. And your light over the table. Well, all your lights, really... Great details. You have made everything warm and cozy AND pretty at the same time! You have very good taste, Miranda!

  5. Thanks for stopping in Terry.

    Nan, I'm planning SOMETHING for the corner stove, but I'm not sure yet. Finances will play a big part. Oh, and how ambitious I feel after the baby comes.

    Bonnie, that clock came a long route to get to me and I adore it. I hogs up a valuable corner, but oh well. It's never going anywhere.

    Lindy, I appreciate your comment and compliments. I think it turned out pretty well for the space (and budget) I had to work with. The lights are all ordered from - They don't ship to AK, so I had them sent to WA before our stuff got shipped up here. Craziness.


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