Thursday, December 9, 2010

More of Papa and Nana...

I have been meaning to do another post with the rest of the pics from our time with my parents.  I'll start with the Thanksgiving ones

This the night before.  The kids were helping crush the graham crackers for the choc jello cake

Ephraim loved it so much that he got upset when he had to take turns

Distractions from Papa were very welcome

Pumpkin pies are ready for the fridge!

The table is set 

The kids are excited
Turkey is done (well it was done over an hour early, so we had to keep it hot and covered and then broil it at the end, hence the weird "golden" color) 

Wow, we look really tired here 

Resting off the turkey

One of the cool things about my parents being here at this time is that Ephraim was just deciding to wean off nursing to sleep.  So a new way of going to sleep was in order.  Enter Papa holding and singing to him every night!

Because Papa and Ephraim are buddies!  My Dad spent hours up in the playroom with the kids playing trains.  What kid wouldn't love that?

They also built a snowman 

They made 3 layers, but left off one until Daddy could get home to lift it up

They spent lots of time sledding down the ramp 

And is that the best snowman you've seen?  I think he'll be around until April, so they had to make it good :) 

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