Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pearl Theology

Muse Mama

Join the Boycott against "To Train Up a Child" by the Pearls of No Greater Joy ministry. 

This blog has great info:
Muse Mama: Boycotting TTUAC

And this blog by Laurie M. has a more personal account of the most recent death attributed to the TTUAC method of discipline
Beauty for Ashes

TTUAC has concerned me for a very long time.  It is abusive to children, pure and simple.  It hurts parents relationship with their kids and creates an atmosphere of guilt and fear.  All in the name of God.  It's disgusting and frustrating to see people that defend it.  I will write a longer post when I get time, but for now, I wanted to follow through on posting this important info.

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  1. Frustrating is right. I've received quite a bit of feedback from my post. The angry rants from atheists really don't upset me at all - I understand them and where they are coming from. I also know it is to be expected. It's the Christians who defend this that really disturb me. Thanks for doing your part to get the word out about the dangers of the Pearl's system.


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