Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I finished unpacking the last of the boxes tonight.  I still have 4 bins of clothes to unpack or store (too big or out of season) but since none of us except Elsa has a dresser, I am loathe to bring that chaos into the house.  I think I'll wait, haha.

Now it's on to painting the house.  The previous owners had 3 dogs and a bird living in the house.  After spending money on a carpet cleaning and 8 hours of deep cleaning from a service and then putting in another 10 hours myself, the house is mostly clean.  I can still get little scents from the remnants of the dogs, but the worst part is the damage to the doors and walls that they did.  The entire house (sans ceilings) needs repainted.  I've spent a ridiculous amount of time looking at paint swatches and buying samples.  The house walls look like patchwork from my testers.  It's amazing how colors I thought would work, don't at all due to the light in that particular room.

Just a sample of my life right now....

Fun stuff.  These colors are some of the same ones that are in the other bathroom.  They don't even look related..  Craziness. 

I'll update with pics of my room in the next couple of days.  The master is the first one to get painted, and I start tomorrow!!  I'm so excited.

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