Sunday, September 5, 2010

Incomplete Dining room reveal

I really wanted to show you my dining room even though it's not done yet.  The whole house (including trim) needs painted, so that's going to take me while.  I'm not a fan of painting walls or trim unless someone else is doing it.  I will have to resist my procrastinating tendencies by not allowing anything to be hung on an unpainted wall. I think that will work.

The living and dining area looked like this on Wednesday...

And today...

The picture is up there just for an example of what I'm hoping to do on this wall.  Not sure if it goes great with the clock, but I think I like the quirkiness of the set together.

I fell in love with this painting at World Market and dragged it with us across Canada

The black damask chairs pulled it all together nicely and they are oh so comfy to sit in.  I see lots of good conversation taking place at this table.  And that chair will be great for a morning devotional study, complete with a good cup of coffee!

Loving the chairs and drop cloth pillows (thanks Gillian!!)

And my clock.  Ooo La La.  What more can I say?  I had the craigslist seller ship this from North Carolina to Washington, and then I rented a U-haul trailer to drive it all the way to Alaska.  This baby has been through the ringer.  Ah, but she was worth it, don't you think? 

Speaking of your opinion, what do you think of the wall color there by the clock?  It's Revere Pewter and I'm sensing that it might be a little gloomy for those long, dark Alaska winters.  Any lighter true grays I can consider?  I was thinking about this warmer toned gray Stonewall Jackson  Thoughts?

For the bench wall, I was going for the look below....

I think I got pretty close

I have painting to do, and lighting to change and a bench to treat to age it a little more and remove some slivery areas, but overall, I think it's looking pretty good.

Our first meal at the new table.  I'm waiting on a Stokke high chair for Ephraim so he can easily join the party.  The trestle table is from World Market and it extends another 18" to reach 7 feet.  It's perfect.  I'm blissfully happy right now.


  1. You got that gorgeous clock on craigslist -- no way! It really is beautiful. And you have gotten off to a really good start on EVERYTHING! Have fun with it...

  2. It's looking gorgeous. Such a pretty combo of beautiful things.
    I think you might be right about that grey being too dark. I really like the earthiness of it though. Perhaps look for a grey with a bit more brown/taupe in it for more warmth. Anything too blue might feel a little cold.
    Again, it's gorgeous!


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