Saturday, September 4, 2010

Moving Day

For 5 days we lived in a nearly empty house; sleeping on the floor, eating on the floor, sitting on the floor.  We got new dishware and silverware, along with 1 pan and 2 cooking utensils at Wal Mart and Fred Meyer so that we would be able to eat.  And then, we waited.  We had no TV or internet.  We didn't miss either except when we wanted to research a product we needed to buy or look for directions for somewhere we wanted to go in this new town. 

Here is our first meal in the house.  It was "load up" night so we were eating our favorite family meal.

On Wednesday I started a painting project (note the random paint sections on the walls) since our goods weren't supposed to be here for another 2-5 days.  Of course I got the call while I was in the middle of painting.  But nothing would make me say no to getting our stuff!

After a mad-dash to organize the house so nothing (ie: toys and new product boxes) would be in their way, this is what it looked like:

And just for fun, this is the view from 3 sides of the house (we are loving the privacy)

And then we looked out to see this!

The kids were so excited to see that truck!

Here is a general idea of how the house looked 2 days later.  The garage is still filled with things to unpack, but I'm working my way there.  After each room is painted (walls and trim) THEN I'll start to hang things and really decorate.  It's going to be a long process.  Yes we realize that couch is huge, but I ordered it before we moved and we're stuck with it.  Though stuck isn't a good term, because I LOVE it!  I don't care if it's big, it's awesome.

Thanks so much for reading.  I hope to be posting some real Alaska adventures soon.


  1. Hi, I had to move my blog again so that I can have a new blog profile as well. I will be closing this blog profile down soon. So sorry for the confusion! Here is the link to the new one, just moved everything over today:

  2. So exciting Miranda!! I just LOVE your views!

  3. So wonderful seeing a house become a home! The kids look mighty happy to get their things. Your place is just lovely! I wish you many years of happiness, good health and amazing memories there!
    Enjoy the weekend.

  4. I love it, especially those beautiful floors. It looks great. So glad you're finally settling in.


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