Sunday, September 19, 2010

Small improvements

My lighting guy came to hang my new lights yesterday.  Unfortunately we discovered partway through that the lights didn't have all the parts needed to convert them for a vaulted ceiling.  So out of 4 tries, we got 2 lights hung.  The house looks better just having the old lights down.

Just a reminder, these are my old island lights.

And my new ones!
They look a little crooked from this angle, but it's the way the lighting holes are installed on the ceiling.  I wanted them longer, but if we added another line of metal, it would have brought them to eye level, so that wasn't a great option.

See the empty space space there in the Entry?  It's waiting for that part.  And the light over the kitchen will look like the island lights...he just ran out of time.

The process of getting things done here in Alaska is painfully slow, but doesn't that make you more grateful when it actually happens?


  1. Lights look great, and I love your kitchen. Hope you have a great week!


  2. I LOVE the whole look of lights over an island. I've never seen it before here in England. It brings glamour and gorgeousness to your kitchen....which is never a bad thing!!


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