Saturday, September 18, 2010

Quick question about my front door!

I'm painting my front door black.  I was doing "Sealskin" by Sherwin Williams, but noticed immediately upon opening the can that it looked green.  After starting the project, I realized it is green!  Not black.  Gross.

 So I called Sherwin Williams and they said it was just a greenish base and it would be black by the next coat. So I did another one. It was still green, just darker green.

I took it back today and they said it was truly green and was a rare fluke with their mixing recipe.  They apologized and replaced it with a real black. I chose "Black Fox" this time.  So, the door is well primed and will need 1 to 2 more coats to make it fully black.  More work, but hopefully we'll get it right this time.

So, my question for you is, should I paint the stained glass surround black also?  My painter thought I should leave it white for contrast.  I'm not sure he's right.  My husband likes the white surround, but I'm very on the fence.  I think it makes it more modern (or maybe dated) and less timeless.  Thoughts?  Please!!!


  1. MMMM I am on the fence too. On the one hand it looks real pretty in white, but on the other it DOES jump right at you. I think I would make it black as well..... Maybe try it with one coat to see if you like it?? Than it is not as difficult to change it back to (maybe) off white??

    Just an idea :)

    Hugs from Marian from the Netherlands, a first time visitor jumping right in lol.

  2. Hi there,

    I think I would paint it the same colour as the door. Otherwse that is what you notice, rather than the lovely stained glass (or the black of the door! That's only a thought though, based on your photos - you must go with what you think best!

    Well done for sticking to your guns with the green paint!

    I'm loving your blog. So glad you found me! I'm your new follower too!

  3. Hi Miranda! I think you should paint the white with black. It sticks out just a little too much. I think once you do paint over it you will love it! That happened with me, I didn't paint the trim and It just wasn't right, once I painted the trim is was perfect! Sorry for all your extra work, it will all pay off though, it's looking great!

  4. Thanks for the input ladies! I love having new followers and people that jump in with ideas. I went ahead and put the first coat on the white. I like it better already, even mixed up with the green mess.

    My "black fox" is a little charcoal brownish toned for some reason, but it's still better than green. I didn't get time to do a coat on the whole door, but I will tomorrow. Once it's done, I'll post some new pics!

  5. Glad to hear you are painting that white trim black. I think it will look better.


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