Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Slowly progressing...

The painter came today, but he had some issues getting all his gear together this morning, so just some of the house is edged out.  Bummer.  But he says he will be able to finish it all tomorrow along with hanging my new lighting I shipped up here.

The great news is that I love the color I chose.  Everyone was pretty skeptical, but it's turning out just how I had imagined.  I'm so very excited.  I'll post some pics tomorrow night or Thursday.

On a more personal note, Dave found out today they're sending him overseas (not sure where...not a war zone though) for 30 days each in October and December.  "Hey, Dave!  Welcome to the air guard!".  Yeah, thanks a lot. 

So, no Daddy for Christmas.  The kids are going to be disappointed, but what can we do?  At least we have a job.  And this way, Christmas is stretched out even more since you get to celebrate it in January too!  That may mean two trees again.  I had to to do that one year when he was deployed for Christmas.  I picked up a free tree from a roadside stand on Christmas Eve, took down our old dried one and set the new one up.  It was a pain, but worth it to have a fresh tree in January.  Although, I'm not sure how that will play out for me if it's -40+ degrees.

Ah, welcome back to military life.  We knew there had to be a rude awakening in there somewhere.

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