Monday, September 13, 2010

Great blog post on vaccines

A friend of mine did this blog post earlier in the week.  It is very well written and articulate.  She has her opinions in there as well as tons of links to research.  It's worth reading, and so I really wanted to share it here for anyone who is interested.

We don't vaccinate at all just yet.  Adin had his first 6 months of vaccines, and at that point I started to question them.  It's been a journey.  It's a very personal decision and I can assure that those of us who choose not to have not made this decision lightly.  It is scary, and painful.  It's also hard to be on the fringe of normal with something most people accept and never question.  You are essentially looked at as a pariah who is putting her own childrens lives at risk as well as making the rest of the worlds children more likely to get sick. 

But, all those things aside, we have many reasons for choosing to leave our kids vaccine free for the time, and I don't regret the decision at all.


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