Sunday, August 8, 2010

A walk through history

As we finish up here in Oklahoma, we decided to kill some time by going to Ft Sill in Lawton (about an hour from Oklahoma City).  They have a historical museum that is incredible.  I posted on my family blog about some of the stuff we learned there.  But for this blog, I had to focus on the historical buildings and a few other things I didn't think were as applicable or interesting for people that don't understand the decorating and design obsession. 

Fort Sill is an incredible military base.  They have preserved the history and buildings so well you can almost envision the soldiers, their families and the indians walking around.  Though we didn't have time to go see the historical graveyard...Geronimo (among many other Native American figures) is buried there.  If we get stuck here for another weekend, we will be traveling back to take more in.  It was really awesome.

The oldest building date I saw was 1870.  The stonework was incredible. 

See the patina?  And the details?
Build in wood headers!

Just one of the stunning buildings

Check out the bright cheery trim on the door frame

And the solid wood detailed door (swoon)

The soldier baracks all had these LONG (90ft or longer) stone porches. Can't you see them just sitting out there trying to catch a stray breeze from the hot sun?

This was one of the awesome displays they had that were dedicated to women.  It talked of how tough and determined the women were.  How they worked so hard to make their homes comfortable and cozy (and the most like the lives they had left behind) as they could.  Even if they had dirt floors.  I think those of us who work so hard making our homes our own can well identify with this purpose. 

A typically decorated sitting room (sorry about the photo quality, they were in glass)

I adored these regiment flags.  So old and full of pride. 

I'll post later with more pics of the gorgeous buildings (that officers actually still live in!) and some stunning cannons in a very special color. ;)


  1. Hi Miranda,
    I'm Nan over at Retired in Alaska. We moved here 9 years ago from CA and I write of my life here. Charlene told me about you. Check out my blog when you get time. I hope you have a great move up to AK very soon.

  2. Wow the stones are just gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing a bit of history with us!


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