Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A walk through history - part 2

On to the rest of the pics I took.

First up.  The cannons that were designed by the swedish armies (from what I could tell) and were some of the first mobile cannons.  It was really interesting how the weapons were initially painted in the colors we're all loving right now, grays and aquas.  Once the german and americans got into the design process, the colors became black and dark green (seems like that would be better for camoflauge, but was not nearly as pretty)

Check out the blue on this beauty!

This patina did not transfer well onto film, but it has a lovely steel and green tone...next to the the aqua, the effect was stunning.

Another painted wagon from the same era

That's all for the weaponry.  I was low on batteries and I wanted to have some left for the awesome houses.

This was some sort of smaller fort or horse arena.  It was beautiful.  I wish we could have looked inside.

I adored this one with it's bat and board siding.  So pretty and classic prairie style.  The porches are all wide and welcoming.  Porches are so necessary in that opressive heat. (106 degrees on the day we visited)

These homes were built in the 1870's and are still inhabited by officers and their family's at the fort.  They are simply stunning.  It looks like the chimney's and covered porches were added later, but they did a good job with blending the styles.

These spanish style homes must have been built later, but they still looked old and had their own special charm.  I love the tile roof.

And last, but certainly not least, here are 2 of the oldest buildings I found.  I'm not sure what this first one was used as, but I love the style 
(sorry about the crooked pics, you have to understand that I'm snapping away while my husband is driving...he's only mildly tolerant of my obsessions)

And finally, the chapel. I've seen church buildings people have converted and lived in.  Most of them, I just couldn't see myself doing that.
But this one just called my name and I would move in a heartbeat.  So much charm...

Can I take this whole entry home with me?

The bright blue handicapped sign ruins the vintage effect, but let's look beyond that.  Can't you see them gathering for worship and socials?

I hope you enjoyed the tour!  We sure did.

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  1. I really enjoyed this. Thank you for sharing.



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