Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Our stuff is on it's way!

With all the stress of trying to get ourselves out of here and worrying about driving the moving van ourselves, we came to the decision to go ahead and hire movers to take it all there.
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I hired them on Friday and today the movers came!  They loaded all of our stuff from the storage unit and it's all on it's way to Montana.  It will be in some sort of holding cell until they have a full truck I guess.  They guarantee it to show up there anytime from 21-28 days from pickup.  I hope it's closer to 21 since we'll be there in 18 days. 

The day was not without it's drama.  They told me the movers would be there sometime between 8 and 4 and I requested 2 hours notice to give my sister time to make it down there.  But the guy showed up at 6:50am and gave no notice.  Right at that time, my sister happened to be on her way to assist at a twin homebirth and was unavailable.  So I called and begged my in-laws to break their tushes (not literally) getting there to let him in and supervise the process.  They willingly did so, and I am so thankful.

We leave on Saturday to begin the trek to AK and I can't wait.  We are stopping in Washington for 2 days, and so the whole process will take 15 days and will last 4,600 miles.  It's going to be a ride (pun or no pun intended, take it as you will).  I'm on the fence between dreading it and being excited.  I'll be posting tons of pics though, so be prepared.
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  1. Moving companies are interesting to say the least. We moved from in town to base housing and then back home to Washington using a moving company both times. (Ours was paid for by the military both times) I have several stories from both moves.

    Wishing you safe travels!

  2. Yay! You're getting closer to home. Will you be able to stop and see family when you come back to Washington?

  3. We are paying for this move since Dave is Guard and not active duty. But we have had moving companies do our moves when he was active. It was pretty nice, but it's hard to trust people with all your worldy belongings and momentos

    We are going to be able to see family. That's why we're coming through there. Dave's grandma has been having health problems, so we are coming to spend time with her since it will be a while before we're back in town. It will be a whirlwind, but well worth it just to see everyone.

  4. I wish you all the very best. We have moved a lot with and without moving companies and boy would I have stories to share! LOL


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