Friday, July 30, 2010

Showing off my dining bench

It's actually an old Pew (who decided to call them that anyway?)  It's 8 1/2 feet long and I think it's quite lovely.  I'm using dropcloth-slipcovered king pillows (3 fit perfectly) to pad the bench.  Can't you just see a row of little kiddos all lined up here?

Here are 2 more of my pillows and a sweet lamp made by the same woman.  I think this lamp would be great in the kids bathroom.

I got a tip from a reader about how to give my bench the old patina  (see THIS post) I'm hoping for....
"If you want old patina on your bench try stripping it with Jasco Premium paint and epoxy remover. Gooey stuff you scrape off with a plastic scraper. I've used it on several things and they look cool. Just rub on some Howard Feed-N-Wax after and it looks great."

Thanks Gillian, I'll be trying that for sure!

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