Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Car Wash Craziness

Today I got to have the car for a couple of hours while Dave was working. It is so nice to get out of the house with the kids.

We went to WalMart for groceries (of course)

We also decided to wash the car. I went to get it vacuumed and realized I didn't have any change for the machine. So we pulled up to get it washed and there was an old guy staffing the car wash.
Like really old. I would say at least 75, and that's being generous.

I asked him if they could give cash back and he said no. But he said "I'll just give you some time on the vacuum for free". Really? How nice is that? And he set it long enough that I didn't even have to hurry. What a sweet guy! That's the one nice thing about Oklahoma. Typically the customer service in the restaurants and grocery stores are lacking, but in general, the PEOPLE are so very nice. The Post Master even gives the kids suckers. It's pretty nice and I think I'll miss that aspect.

Anyway, we pull into the car wash and Ephraim starts freaking out. "What's goin' on?" "OH NO!!!!" he says. He hates the car wash. I have no idea why.

These are taken with my cell phone, so forgive the quality...Isn't he cute?

I had to bring him in the front seat with me for the wash. I'll take my cuddles any way I can get them :)

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