Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ephraim, a little update post.

The kids have grown a lot since we've gotten here.  I'm actually finding they need some bigger sizes of clothes already.  I'm making do for the most part since it's not like we'll need many summer clothes in Fairbanks.  But, back to my subject.

I wanted to do a little update on Ephraim so I don't forget where he's at right now.  When we left Washington, he was doing very little real communicating.  He seemed like a baby still, not comprehending a lot of what we wanted from him, not speaking much beyond Mama and Dada.  In the last 2 months, he has changed.  He's a little less tempermental and more willing to be patient.  He still does a lot of nonsense talk.  At least it's nonsense to us.  He know exactly what he's saying since he'll repeat it over and over until you act like you understand.  He still loves Thomas the Tank Engine, though Optimus Prime is becoming a big favorite too.

The biggest change for him is that his verbal communication is growing quickly.  He can repeat most anything, and he communicates so well.  He's very polite and really comprehends what we say to him.  He can finally say all the kids' names...Aini (adin), Essa (elsa), Eye-ski (Isaac).  Says peas (please), taint um (thank you), bess oo (bless you) and sowwy (sorry).  The brattiest thing he does is yell at the kids when he feels a wrong has been done to him...but he says it so cute "NO! No, No! Is MIIITE!", it's almost hard to get on him (though we still do)  Mite sounds much better than mine.  At least for now. 

The kids just adore him.  So do we.  He is such a blessing to have around us.  A dose of joy when our situation occasionally weighs on us.  How can you not laugh at this face?  He's too intense for his own good.

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