Sunday, June 20, 2010

More notes on the Master Bedroom

First I'll start with a couple of pics of the room I'm working with.  Besides the lack of molding in the room, there is the very modern ceiling fan.  But, I'm running with it. 

The modern fixtures the previous homeowner has put in is kind of what I'm taking my cue from.  I'm going for modern romantic.  The french doors to the master bath are going to help me a lot with that.

In my last house I did mostly black and bronze accents. This house will have white and stainless accents. You saw the inspiration rooms in the last post along with the lamp style I'd like to get.

Below is more details on the design plan.

This gray color is what I'm planning to use on the walls.  It is "mourning dove" by Martha Stewart.  I may 1/2 the color with white to make it a little paler, but ultimately a gray cozy tone is what I want.   

Here is another inspiration room showing perfect symmetry.  I love it.  Those dressers are what inspired the nightstands I ultimately chose.  Function and beauty.  Perfect!

Again the "Centsational Girl" room.  I will reverse the colors in the room, but I love the mix of pale gray and aqua.  This was my room color inspiration.

This room...what else can I say? This one has the feeling I'm hoping to accomplish. I don't know if I'll be able to quite get it without the canopy bed and lots of moolah, but I will surely try. Doesn't this room just beckon to you to come in and relax? I didn't write down the blog I snagged this from, but if anyone recognizes this room, I would love to give credit where it's due.

This is the color I'm thinking for the drapes.  If I can do drapes.  We have oil heat in the house, so that could be a design problem.  I may end up with farmhouse length drapes or just do some romantic shades on the windows.  Maybe I need a canopy bed after all to bring in height...we'll see.  The room is not that big.


This is the style of bed we're planning on making from Knock Off Wood.  It's the Farmhouse Bed .  I love it.  If I find an affordable bed in a similar or inspired style on Craigslist that I can't pass up, I'll change my mind.  Until then, the Farmhouse bed is on the building list.

I am planning to add a cozy chair and ottoman (eventually) in the corner by the bathroom. I think that will be awesome. I love a nice chair in a master bedroom. Very good for the Mommy time outs.  This particular chair is "Olivia" from JCPenny.  I'm hoping to find something similar that will work from Craigslist.

A learning skill that is high on my list is to sew slipcovers.  This would open up a whole new world for me.  All you need is a well shaped piece of furniture and it can be transformed into thing of beauty. 
Ooh la la!

The other thing I'm hoping to do is to trim out the windows and doors with wider molding.  We will see how much that costs per room.  And if I can ultimately figure out that power miter box!

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