Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A lighter day, a better sleep, I think....


The last couple of days have been a haul.  We have been doing about 450+ miles for 2 days and have been getting in so late the kids are overtired and ready to play, but they can't because of other hotel guests.  We have also been staying at lovely Hampton Inn's along the way.  The beds are awesome.  The breakfasts are great.  But the rooms are really small.   The kids work okay on a queen bed when they're turned to the side like this, packed in like sardines:

But me?  I'm not sleeping well at all.  Ephraim is sleeping with Dave and I, but we're used to a King.  And little did I know, he likes his space.  So he has to sleep on the edge of the bed.  And I spend all night lightly sleeping with my arm over him to make sure he doesn't fall off the incredibly high and lusciously cozy bed.  It's a bummer.

So today, we did a shorter day.  Only 300 miles.  It felt like a vacation.  Then we drove around Fort Collins, CO (cool college town!) for an hour looking for hotel (my idea, since we almost ended up in a reserved seedy one yesterday).  That was not so fun.  We ended up finding a Comfort Inn and I had Dave ask for a King bed with a couch.  We got one and it's great. The beds aren't as nice.  The room not as elegant.  But it's clean and it works so much better for us.  The kids have room to play.  I'm not nervous about them ruining something in the beautiful hotel. I think I will sleep much better tonight, even if I will miss my "calgon" style mattress.

Moving on now, here are some pics from today.  Lots of them.

At the awesome hotel in Green River, WY this morning.  What an incredible setting!

Kids mostly cooperating for pics

And my very favorite photo of the day

I cannot get over the amazing scenery and how much it changes as we drive.  The diversity is amazing.  You could just get in the car and drive to literally YOUR idea of a perfect setting and just decide to live there.  It's awesome.  I love it.



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