Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Leaving colorado tomorrow

We're staying in one of the last Colorado cities before New Mexico.  The Holiday Inn is awesome. We got a handicapped accessible room, so it is huge.  Wow.  We could survive in something like this in OK for 4 months if we had to.  There are actually 2 rooms. 

And kids eat free if you're staying here.  A really nice dinner with drinks only cost us $29.  Amazing.  What a great place.

Today we stopped off at Colorado Springs to let the kids play at the Focus on the Family campus.  Whit's End is really neat.  The play is clean, fun and most of all, free.  There is a huge 3 story slide that's awesome.  Pics of today...

They had a cool train that went around one of the rooms, but Ephraim just wanted to get his hands on it
And he wasn't happy when he couldn't :(

Enjoy these pics.  They are of Colorado.  And they're the last ones for a while since my camera's autofocus and now the shutter is not working.  I need to call the shop that tuned it up last month.  It's guaranteed for a year, but that's not helpful when the shop is in Portland.  Grrrrr......

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