Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Adin!

My oldest turned 9 today.  I can't believe how grown up he is.  He's changed a lot this year.  I'm seeing the beginnings of a young man.  The things he says and the sensitivity he so often displays makes me feel so proud of him.  He's a good boy.  Truly.  I am incredibly blessed to be the Mama of such a unique and intelligent son.  Thank you God for the gift of Adin. 

Adin wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese's for his party.  It was loud and so much fun for the kids.  It was actually a good experience.  Great customer service, good prices and not too dirty.  Adin and the 9 other kids had a great time. 

One try and the candles were out.  Nice work!

Then Chuck E came over to visit.  Adin's not a big fan of walking massive stuffed animals.  He hid under the table in a flash.

I made him come out for the obligitory photo with the mascot....

What a kooky boy.  But he's mine!  Happy Birthday sweet Adin

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