Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fun with boxes

We're getting the house packed up this week.  We're selling or donating 90% of what we have, but the other 10% has to be packed.  I think when we're done, we'll have about 1/2 of a 10x15 storage building filled.  Amazing.  It costs so much to ship to AK (about 1.50 for each lb) that buying later as we need to is a wiser choice.  Our current furniture is mostly yard sale stuff and so it's not super high quality and is not worth paying the money (especially since we don't have any right now). 

Getting rid of most of our accumulated possessions has been incredibly freeing rather than painful.  It's symbolic for me of the fresh and new start we're making here.  I told Dave that it was like deep cleaning in a more permanent way!  If I wasn't so tired and drained (mentally and emotionally) this would actually be really fun.  I'm only taking what we really love or will need right away.  Otherwise, we'll make or purchase it later.  Awesome.

Anyway, the kids are rolling with the chaos and taking it all in stride.  The boxes are the new favorite thing around here.  They've made some very cool tunnels and interesting games with just plain boxes.  Who needs toys??

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