Friday, April 16, 2010

Every little thing

We're 2 days away from leaving.  It's amazing how quickly the time has gone.  Dave is up in Alaska for the week, so I'm on my own here at the house.  Camping essentially.  The kids and I sleep on the floor on some nice mats.  We're eating off of paper plates and with plastic utensils.  It's actually been a nice week of solace for me in some ways.  The house is so quiet.  Even though it echos all the time, it's peaceful.  I still have modern conveniences, so we're living well while I peck away at finishing up.

I don't think I'll get it all done.  My family is going to have to do the final cleaning, and even some trips to goodwill and the dump for what's going to be left over.  It's mostly there, but I feel badly about leaving loose ends.  It can't be helped though if we are going to get out of here in time.

I would have pics of the organized chaos, but my camera is giving me a weird error code I don't have time to figure out. 

I realized tonight why this move is different from what others I've done or even what most people go through.  I have had to go through literally every single inch of my house.  Every drawer.  I take a pile or a section and go through it. 
Each item gets looked at and then goes into different piles:
Give to my sister, friends or Mom (different piles for each)
A summer garage sale (my sis is planning one)
Pack for Alaska
Pack for Oklahoma

Even down to pens, tape, stationary, tools, etc...  Is it worth packing?  Would anyone else want it?  Would it sell?  Do I need it?  It's exhausting.  No one else can do this for me.  Probably not even Dave.  I'm tired, just a little stressed, and totally drained.  I can't wait to be done and on our way.   But at the same time, I'm not ready to move on.

Changes are hard.  Especially when you have to look at every little thing.

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