Sunday, April 11, 2010

A great estate sale!

We had a huge estate sale out at our place this weekend.  It went really well.  We kept it "staged" the whole time as if it was a store or resale shop.  No clothes or shoes, just decor, furniture, tools etc...  We advertised it as "The Red Shed Estate Sale" named after what Dave calls the shop/barn here at the house. 

Come Rain or Shine, it's all under cover

• Primitives
• Vintage
• Collectibles
• Tools
• Garden accents and art
• Linens and Household items
• Furniture
and much, much more......

~We are moving to Alaska and everything must go~
Goodies and drinks available

We were very busy both days.  It was really interesting how many people came just to talk to us about Alaska.  The responses to where we were going were either hot or cold...there wasn't much in between.  I personally think it's all in the attitude.  Even though it was busy, we actually had a good time.   People were so nice, and we sold almost all of our stuff.  I still have to tie up some loose ends here at the house, but it's mostly done.  I'm glad it's over.  The anticipation is half the stress. 

Dave is in Alaska this week checking out the house we made an offer on and finishing his processing.  I'm finishing packing, cleaning and prepping for our trip.  We leave Saturday for OK. 

I am for sure fitting in a manicure/pedicure, eyebrow wax and haircut with my sister.  I'm about ready for a day of relaxation!

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