Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I love autumn. It is a perfectly beautiful time of year. The temperatures are awesome. The changing colors and leaves falling. The desire to light candles and huddle down all cozy in the house. Football on TV, comfort food. Fall soothes my soul. The only thing I don't like about this time of year is the feeling that you need to get things all shored up for the winter. Put the garden and flower beds to sleep, make sure the house is winterized, and then knowing that the things you don't manage to get done in October probably aren't going to be completed until next Spring. The "rush" to get things done in time kind of ruins my love of autumn time. Autumn is such a respite from the summer, but I feel the dread of winter coming on at the same time. Why is life like that? It's hard to purely enjoy the things we love because we're concerned or distracted by what's to come. It's so hard to be "in the moment". I'm trying my best to savor this year especially because it will be our last one in the Northwest for quite a while. Alaskan Autumn's are blink and you miss them fast. They have their own beauty, but the colors are NOTHING like here at home. It's orange/yellow and green there. Here is green, orange, yellow, pink, all sorts of red. Stunning. More random thoughts by me. We'll move on now to some fun pics from The Patch. It's an awesome little place in Woodland, not too far from us. We had a great time. I hope there are pumpkin patches in Fairbanks.
Fun little hay maze

Walking into the pumpkin patch LOVE pumpkins. Isaac had just found his. :)
Pumpkin Slingshot It has a kick to it! Obligatory Family Pic And just because he's cute

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