Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas is nearly here....

I can't believe how quickly the year has gone by. This season has been an interesting one for us with having Dave home all the time. I've gotten my baking, Christmas shopping, present wrapping and cleaning all done rather early. I feel pretty prepared. It's quite nice, but I do know it's because I have a lot more free time/me time with Dave home. I've also done a lot of the shopping online so that I didn't have to spend my time in stores attempting to find the perfect gift. That's been lovely.

The most meaningful part of this year has been seeing the kids really grasp the meaning of the season. Elsa especially is very perceptive. She is sensitive to spiritual things and is constantly challenging me in my thought process to just look at the bigger picture. Just today a couple of things she said that truly blessed my heart: While Dave was praying with her for her dinner meal, she interjected at the end "and help us to learn more about your Son and to listen good to your Words" She also came to me today to tell me "Mommy, I told Daddy that I think since we celebrate Christ's birth at Christmas that it would be good if we prayed before we open presents on Christmas morning." Wow! She's 6! It is amazing to me how much she takes in. I do believe that we will be praying before we open presents on Christmas morning. I also want to read the Christmas scriptures with them first. It's something I've always wanted to do, but have never implemented because the excitement gets away with everyone. Not this time.

We are feeling the blessings of Jesus Christ so deeply this year and I don't want to forget the amazing gift that He gave us in coming to earth to walk with us and lead us. And then giving the ultimate gift just 33 years later; His life in exchange for our eternal Salvation. I just want to say in this time and this season: Thank you God for the gift of your son. Please help me to never get so wrapped up in the everyday "stuff" that I forget who I am IN YOU. Make me your hands and feet. Use me to show others your love, kindness and goodness.

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