Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dating your husband

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So, I've had a little epiphany recently. All this time off (ie: lack of a job) for Dave has done wonders for our marriage. We've both lost weight, gotten healthier and are feeling pretty good; we've committed to making a huge life change (moving) and we've learned to work well together as a team. I want to say the romance is back, but that sounds a bit cliche. 

Since we've been married, life has never been what I would call romantic, but I would say that it is now. And that's not because I get flowers or cards, or constant devotion. Though Dave has learned to appreciate the things I do at home, I would say that *I* am much changed by his presence here. I would also say that my attitude is the primary reason he is so receptive to me. I am complimenting him, I nag less, I smile more. 

Dare I say it ladies, sometimes we wives forget to try and be cool. Remember when you and your husband started dating? You were easy to get along with (well, probably. If you weren't, he probably should have ran the other way), you were willing to let him spend time with his friends, you were interested in what he was interested in. You were probably somewhat adventurous, willing to try new things, etc.... Are those qualities still there for you? Are you still working to be "cool"? To be a wife that he looks forward to coming home to, or waking up next to? Do you think he still desires to get to spend the day with you? I worked hard to "pass the cool girl test" with Dave when we were dating, but do I still do that? Read on.... 

Small example, but one I don't think I'll forget. We play fantasy football in a family league. This is my 3rd year, and I am loving football more and more each week. We have now designated all Sundays after church and also Monday nights just to football. I rarely answer the phone, and keep chores and computer time to a minimum (the kids love these days). Well, we were at my Dad's house cutting up and loading firewood to help heat our house for the winter. We were discussing which day we (my sister's family and my family) could get together for another time of work. It was suggested that we could do it Sunday evening. I said (in all sincerity) "nope, that's football day". The look my husband gave me was more than enough reward, but then he smiled and put his arm around me and said "I'm so glad I married you". I do believe I passed the cool wife test, and it was a great feeling. 

It's pretty fun to be more in love with your husband over 10 years later than you were when you first got married, or even when you were dating. 11 years ago I thought I knew what love was, but I didn't. Real love is a commitment, a choice. And real love that's been tested by trials (even children) and time is one that is sweeter than any first love can be. So when I talk of dating your husband, I don't even mean going on dates. We rarely get time alone. I actually don't think you need much time alone to bond with your spouse. You need real relationship, real conversation and real depth. And a lot of focus on trying to "win" them as you did when you were focused on getting that ring. 

I have to say that I am enjoying every minute of "dating" my husband. I will continue to work to pass the cool girl test because in the end, we are both more content for having given each other the things that we need. I work hard for him, he works hard for me. This is a good thing for sure.


  1. LOVE this blog. You are such an inspiration. I sure hope Aaron and I make it through the tiplets first year. lol. Ill try to remember to "be cool" when I havent slept in 3 weeks. :) Just kidding, I do think that this will be our "true test". Im sure we will pass with flying colors. What other choice do we have right? :)

  2. Thank Nicole. You guys will pass the test of course. I think you two will stay well connected even despite the demands of triplets (making *9* kids, I still can't believe that). I think you're a pretty cool wife. ;)


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