Friday, September 20, 2013


Where is the year going?  I swear time is flying so fast I can't catch up.  This is only the 2nd blog post I've written in over a month! 

I've thrown myself in more heartily with just "being" with my family.  We've shut the tv off more frequently and hung out together.  I'm enjoying watching my kids' personalities develop and change.  I've spent more time alone with my husband in our bedroom after he gets home from work, just chatting and re-connecting before the rest of the night begins.

I haven't felt the need to be on the computer a whole lot.  While it puts a cramp in my blogging time, it sure makes our family life flow better.  

(this photo is from 4 days ago)

So now I regroup, moving away from the busyness of summer and buckling down for the long cold winter.  The summer is over.  We got our first dusting of snow this week.  While our autumn temps are cool and it's still beautiful outside; winter is coming.  It's time to focus harder on academics and get back into the habit of daily book learning.

 (2 days ago)

The kids and I switched out all their clothing this week, putting away the shorts and tees and bringing in the long johns and fleece.  I still need to go through the winter gear and make sure everyone has a setup that fits them.


On Monday our new wood stove gets installed.  I'm so looking forward to having a heat source that doesn't depend on the power grid.  I've been so concerned about the idea of our power going out long term when it's -40 and having no way to keep from freezing to death (literally).  Plus, there is something really wonderful about a crackling wood fire.

I hope to be online just a little more, but maybe with a better balance so I don't "check out".  

I really want to show you all the new projects I've done this summer.  I have a redecorated living room, a redesigned master bedroom closet, a stenciled wall and a refreshed laundry room, as well as a really cool industrial style piece I re-did. 

I hope you're all ready for winter, especially my Alaska friends.   

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  1. I'm blogging as much as you are I just posted yesterday. We are not as cold yet but it did go down to 36 last night snow is not far off. I'm heading over to Kodiak tonight on the ferry for a week with my daughter should be fun!
    We have a wood stove and 3 cords of wood was delivered just this week. Bob is out there stacking right now. Take Care Nan


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